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I'm a PhD Student in Literary and Cultural Studies at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA. Research interests: "New" Media, The Future of the Book, Digital Humanities, Media Studies and Print Culture, Marxisms, 20th Century American Novels, and Science Fiction.

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The changing nature of textuality drives my research interests. An increasingly digital age brings with it a host of consequences, not just for books but for studies in the humanities more generally. To that end, I'm invested in helping chart the emerging field of the digital humanities, or, the transcoding our print archive, the creation of networked scholarly apparatuses and understanding how to salvage the idea of critique in the “late age of print”. With specific regard to literary studies, I want to think through the ways in which twentieth century American modernism, post-modernism and electronic literature documents - and misses - the rise of American technocracy and acts as a bellwether for fluctuations in media development. I have taught classes on the contemporary crisis surrounding intellectual property law (and its nefarious double, piracy) and am currently teaching a class that investigates new media’s role in defining the so-called posthuman condition.

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