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Daniela Gutiérrez López is a queer, disabled, femme-inist of color from Bogotá, Colombia. In 2014, she received an MA in Women’s and Gender Studies from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, her thesis titled: “The Displays, Silences, and Aesthetic Possibilities of Museum Fashion’s Gendered Geopolitics”. Inspired by Audre Lorde, Chela Sandoval, and other radical women of color, Daniela is currently pursuing a PhD in Gender Studies at Indiana University-Bloomington, where she completed a doctoral minor in Folklore.

Daniela’s dissertation is titled: "'We Are Not Your Token': Im/Imigrant, Black and Brown, Activism and Resistance within MIdwestern Higher Education". Her project is committed to student and grassroots organizations, artivist-pedagogical initiatives, and anarcho-communist practices in and around the imperial university. She intertwines pro-immigration, indigenous, and labor movements as they work to decolonize knowledge production and decriminalize minoritized folx. Daniela believes in the centrality of aesthetic (expressive and institutional) practices in particular as tools to ensure the wellbeing of those labeled undocumented immigrants by the settler nation-state. She extends her MA research, theorizing performance-based methodologies that prioritize anti-blackness, intersectionality, embodied and transsensory knowledges, and public cultures.

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