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I love to write Children's Books and YA Novels. I also do Poetry and write Screen Writes and Screen Plays. Hoping to one day write a Master Piece to be shown in the Great White Way (BROADWAY SHOWS IN NYC)

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I will begin by saying that I began my Writing Career as an Educational Professional.  Having been in a Theatrical Club since my teen years in Middle School and then at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico would be the best thing that ever happens to me.  I first started as an Elementary English as a Second Language Student-Teacher on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  
I grew to love the Performance Arts and fell in love with Creative Writing. There is nothing like a Live Performance on a Stage and the reading of Plays from former Students.  My love for the Arts had blossomed.  It is now my pleasure to share with you that due to such great teachers and mentors some on the Internet my Career as a Creative Writer is here to stay.  I encourage all those who have dreams of been the next Play Write or Screen Writer to pursue your dreams and never give up.  Someday you too will be on Broadway the Great White Way or have your very own Movie at the Theaters.  


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