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Olá! I am an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. I am originally from Brazil, majored in journalism at Sao Paulo State University, and moved to the United States to pursue a master and a Ph.D. at NCSU. 

I work in the emerging field of digital cultures and learning with a focus on how people’s use open educational resources. Three overarching questions guide my research:

1) How does the interplay of practice and digital media allow for new ways of learning?
2) How do power relations shape participation in communities of practice that use digital media for educational purposes?
3) How do individuals appropriate open educational resources for their benefit?

I employ traditional and innovative qualitative methods, in particular, ethnography, to explore these questions. My work mainly draws from and contributes to the fields of communication, cultural studies, open education, and science and technology studies. Given my interdisciplinary background and the complexity of digital cultures, I enjoy collaborating with other researchers and undertaking mixed methods projects.

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