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I am the Middle Eastern Studies Librarian for the University of Texas Libraries at the University of Texas, Austin. I received my PhD in the department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University in 2014. My research is primarily concerned with the epistemology of Islamic legal theory (usūl al-fiqh) and kalām-theology, and centers on a select group of Hanafī scholars hailing from Samarqand and Bukhārā who have, up until this point in modern scholarship, been known as Māturīdīs. Since 2004, I have also studied and worked with scholars in Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Macedonia, and Uzbekistan, covering a range of traditional disciplines from classical Arabic poetry to hadith criticism methodology to logic. I have taught Arabic since 2003 in a variety of settings, and have studied Persian and Turkish, in addition to gaining familiarity with Ottoman Turkish, Uzbek, and Russian.

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