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I’m a second-year doctoral student in the English department at The Ohio State University, where I study eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature and digital humanities. My literary research focuses on the Romantic era, and my digital work deals with electronic textual editions and coding.

I’m a co-editor of Selected Letters from the Ivan S. Gilbert Collection of Stephens Family Travel Letters and Ephemera, an XML/TEI edition of early twentieth century travel writing that won the 2012 Digital Media Prize for Outstanding Graduate Work at Ohio State, and of A Poetical Epistle from Marie Antoinette (in progress), an XML/TEI edition of an individually published and academically neglected late-eighteenth century poem. In my work, I consistently return to the questions of what an electronic edition can and should do, as well as how the affordances of digital media and computational analysis can best serve a textual artifact that was not “born digital.” Specifically, I’m interested in the potential applications of the methodologies of “big data” and “distant reading” to small-scale objects.

I also co-edit and contribute to Novel Ideas, a blog on nineteenth-century literature that “seek[s] to participate in and bolster interdisciplinary conversations both within and without scholarly and educational communities.” Lastly, I'm a member of the Digital Arts and Humanities Working Group, funded through the Humanities Institute at Ohio State as a result of a THATcamp "un-conference" held last year. (see my department profile at

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