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Growing up with a family of educators, the last thing Christina Blanch wanted to do was teach. That is, until she taught her first class and fell in love with the the profession. She began teaching classes on campus at Ball State University while finishing her Master's Degree in Anthropology. After graduating, she took a position to teach college level Anthropology classes in the correctional education system. These circumstances introduced Christina to new set of challenges - teaching to different audiences. When that program ended and she went back to teaching on college campuses, the lesson was clear. In order to teach well, one must teach to your students. With this knowledge, she decided to enroll in graduate school and focus on the use of non-traditional methods to teach traditional students. Currently, Christina is teaching subjects, such as gender, using comic books as the textbooks. Additionally, she is working with Ball State's iLearn division to create a MOOC for the humanities. In the summer of 2013, she will graduate from Ball State University with her doctorate in Educational Studies. She lives in Indiana with her two children, her boyfriend, and two cats and in her spare time is working on her own on-line comic.

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