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Hi, I am a doc student in Social Welfare at University of Washington. My methodological approaches integrate critical pedagogies, community-based research practices, participatory digital culture, and media production. Exploring topics such as social work/welfare history and community arts practices as sites of social action, my recent projects include developing and teaching a course entitled, “Community Based Participatory Media in Indigenous Communities” with Professor Daniel Hart and exploring the genealogy of media-based welfare interventions during the Progressive and New Deal eras. I earned my MSW at University of Michigan in Community Organizing, a BA in Cultural Anthropology at Ohio University and a certificate in Independent Filmmaking from University of Washington.

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I am also a divorced mother of two sons, ages 7 and 9. When I am not working, I am usually cooking or dancing with my son Jarocho group, The Seattle Fandango Project. I am currently teaching a foundations of social services course featuring an evolving media component. More on that, soon...

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