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After several years as a writer and editor in the museum, arts, marketing, and medical fields, I’m now working on my PhD in American Civilization at Brown University. My interests include the cultural work and history of museums as well as pedagogical applications for digital media.

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My scholarship, which engages museum history, material culture and visual studies, has its roots in my earlier career as writer and editor in the public humanities. Through this work I became interested in how objects function as cultural capital, particularly within the space of the museum. My past also includes audience research and content development for web sites. Now, as a doctoral student in the Department of American Civilization at Brown University, I am exploring how to meaningfully integrate emerging technologies into my dissertation, an examination of the wartime work of U.S. museums. Given the difficulties of effectively documenting museum work related to our current wars, I am particularly interested in the data collection, preservation and presentation issues that confront scholars for whom Web-based and other born-digital materials are essential primary sources. I am also interested in digital technologies’ pedagogical possibilities and recently integrated Second Life and a pod cast assignment into a course on the construction of American identities in the museum. Future plans include an online tool to foster collaborative critical reading (see )