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Ballengee Morris
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Christine Ballengee-Morris is a professor of Art Education and former director of the American Indian Studies at The Ohio State University. She is the Founding Director of The Multicultural Center. She co-wrote a book, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Art Education in High School, which was published by the National Art Education Association. Her research examines social justice, social reconstructivism, and postcolonialism as it relates to arts policy, curricula development, integrated curriculum, pedagogy, and identity development. She is past president of the United States Society for Teaching through Art. Dr. Ballengee-Morris's teaching experiences include fourteen years in the public school system, artist-in-residencies in the public schools, undergraduate and graduate level courses, and international teaching in Chile’, Brazil, Australia, and Ireland. She is trained to lead Social Justice workshops and mediation. She is the recipient of the 2006 J. Eugene Grigsby, Jr Award for her commitment to diversity, 2007 Ziegfeld Award, for her service to diversity, and the 2008 National Art Education Association Higher Education Award-Western Division. Prof. Morris is a member of the Native American community (she has a mixed ethnic identity, belonging both to the Cherokee and the Appalachian people).

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