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CURRICULUM OF Pro-Youth Economics & Educators
Massive Collaboration agent in job creation is what entrepreneurial economists have always valued - right now we need open education and green grassroots energy experts to linkin out of every global village. Help millions of youth to share job creating GDOCs

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30 years ago, dad and I wrote a book on the 3 billion jobs that the net generation could co-create - if everything went well with green energy ad open education networks. Dad had spent the 10 years from 1972 (when he and I first got involved with student experiments with digital networks) debating the genre Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist. We're not there yet but we can get there if open education and public media scales up and focuses on the core idea - search out 30000 microfranchises that need to be openly replicated across communities so that life critical services are empowered within every community and through mobile connectivity. Unlike things that cause scarcities by being consumed up , true knowhow multiplies value in use. But it cant be delivered by the type of top-down 20th C organisation . Dad left us in 2010 but we love to co-host remembrance parties to 3 billion job creation wherever we can network a quorum

I maintain archives of 42 years since our first experiments with online learning are at Norman Macrae (aka dad) was The Economist's pro-youth economist - a responsibility he was mentored on by Keynes after returning from world war 2. From 1972 Norman created the genre of Entrepreneurial Revolution to debate what would need to happen if net generation was to be worldwide youth's most productive and collaborative time. We track 20 anti-youth monopolies. Currently we are searching out those in MOOC world who wish to breakthrough the 4 anti-youth monopolies of education. I have a post graduate degree in statistics from university of Cambridge; have applied statistics to communication and valuation practices - especially in terms of prompting pro-youth innovation in world's largest organisations

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