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CES4Health is a free online mechanism for peer-reviewed publication and dissemination of diverse products of community-engaged scholarship (CES) including digital scholarship. In just two years, CES4Health has peer reviewed and published 34 products, including videos, policy reports, training curricula, websites, digital stories and a cookbook! Community and academic experts in the product's content area and format review each product. Authors retain copyright of their work. Authors receive data on the # of times their product was accessed and we can survey users on how they used a product and it's impact.

CES4Health was developed with support from the US Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education to facilitate the ability of diverse products of CES to "count" towards promotion & tenure, and be used by communities addressing similar issues.

Visit http://CES4Health.info today to learn more, submit products and apply to be a reviewer! Follow the latest CES4Health news at http://twitter.com/CES4Health

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