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Berrío Zapata
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A Psychologist that after working in the financial sector, rediscovered the academy through Special studies in Technology Management, and decided to turn back to the academy in search of answers to this question: if the digital age is in place and computers can produce such magical things, why still the majority of humanity suffers?

Got a Diplôme Universitaire Recherche en Gestion from a French university and an MA in Administration from a Colombian public university. Now I am PHD aspirant in Information Science in Brazil and look to communicate with others that might have the same question.

I come from an undeveloped country (Colombia) so my views about the digital age are different, although I had the privilege of a good bilingual education in my home country. A very scarce possibility for my people and 80% of the world’s population.

So here I am, researching about the concept of Digital Divide, and thinking about how to measure it (if possible), but from a critical perspective about the Information Society initiative.

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