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I am a Mexican anthropologist who is currently Advanced to candidacy in the interdisciplinary PhD program at UC Merced. I studied my BA at UC Berkeley and a Masters on Social Anthropology in the Center for Social Anthropology Research in Guadalajara, Mexico (CIESAS-Occidente). My research uses the tools of visual media, mainly photography and video to better portray the complexities of the social world I investigate. The focus of my studies has been the indigenous movements, migration processes of indigenous peoples between Mexico and Guatemala to the United States, labor and environmental rights, human rights and sustainable development. I have worked for the United Nations Mission in Guatemala and the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco. Because the tainted reputation of anthropology among indigenous groups, I have worked with these types of communities as an activist and friend more than as an academic. Among the peoples I have worked are the Confederation of Concheros of Mexico, Tzeltal and Tzotzil Mayan Children in Chiapas, Chuj and Kanjobal survivors of Guatemala, strawberry workers in Watsonville CA, Wixrarikas and Nahuas of Jalisco, Yucatec Mayans in San Francisco and in Oxkutzcab and now for my PhD research I am focusing in the Macro-Mayan Diaspora to the Bay Area. I am analyzing the social, cultural, and economic causes of the Maya Diaspora in the Bay Area. The research is enriched by my previous work living among and working with different Maya groups who are now in Northern California.

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