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Caitlin Fisher holds the Canada Research Chair in Digital Culture in the Faculty of Fine Arts, York University, Toronto, Canada. A co-founder of York's Future Cinema Lab, and Director of York’s Augmented Reality Lab, her research investigates the future of narrative through explorations of interactive storytelling and interactive cinema in augmented reality environments. The AR Lab is at the forefront of art/science collaborations, working with both established and emerging technologies to produce expressive software tools and international award-winning content. Her work is poetic and exploratory, currently combining the development of authoring software with evocative literary constructs. She completed Canada's first born-digital hypertextual dissertation and her early hypermedia novella, These Waves of Girls, won the International Electronic Literature Award for Fiction -- it has just been translated into Mandarin. Her augmented reality poem, Andromeda, was co-awarded the International Vinaròs Prize for Electronic Literature in the digital poetry category in 2008. Most recently, her augmented reality tabletop theatre piece, Circle, was shortlisted in 2011 for the UK New Media Writing Prize and was awarded this year’s jury prize by the Electronic Literature Organization (catch it at the 2013 MLA!) . Increasingly, her work also involves dealing with large repositories of data, lifelogging and exploring knowledge domain and interactive, immersive visualizations. Caitlin sits on the executive of the Centre for Innovation in Information Visualization and Data-Driven Design - an 11 million dollar project at York University and OCADU. She also serves on the HASTAC steering committee and is a co-Chair (with Mo Engel, University of Alberta) of the 2013 HASTAC conference in Toronto.

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Canada Research Chair in Digital Media Tier II - Ontario Canada, app deadline: dec 31, 2010

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Hi I don't have anything to do with the position, below, but I hold one of these research chairs at another Canadian University and it's a great gig. Unlike other Canadian faculty competititons that favour Canadian applicants, there is a big emphasis on the recruitment of international candidates...
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