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Level 21 Digital Humanities Major (Dartmouth)
Level 68 Bear Shaman (Age of Conan)
Level 60 Tauren Warrior (WoW)
Level 35 Fire Blaster (City of Heroes)
Level 79 Ranger (Runescape)

Don't roll your eyes, the roles people are choosing to play in digital spaces are just a preview of future social trends.

As an undergrad majoring in Digital Humanities, I'm ready to ask hard questions about where the human desire to role-play and the future progress of augmented reality technology will leave thought, society and law.

If you have any interest in the evolution of gaming into Reality Design or Civic Ludology, send me a tell at

And sure, I made up the terms "Reality Design" and "Civic Ludology," but I've spent enough time playing games and watching the increasing effect of media on public consciousness to realize that governments implement "level design." Guru's strive for "immersion." Every desire-based human system of action can be understood, criticized and improved upon as a game-system.

In short: Political Philosophy and Game Design are close cousins. The former is written to be noticed and heralded if perfect while the latter strives to pass unnoticed by those whom it governs.

HASTAC should be a wonderful step towards educating and connecting the kinds of sociological, anthropological and psychological system designers we will need in the media saturated world soon to come.

To be even shorter: let's avoid 1984.

@Copyleft Brendan Scully 2009

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Brendan Scully is a senior at Dartmouth College pursuing a special major in Digital Humanities under the guidance of professors Mary Flanagan and Aden Evens. His course of study has been structured to provide the critical tools necessary to study digital arts and culture from a humanistic perspective. He currently writes for two blogs, Mary Flanagan's humanistic game research lab and his own journal on the subject of technological politics, A founding member of Dartmouth’s Digital Salon "Variable {d}”, Brendan is closely tied to those working in all forms of Digital inquiry on Dartmouth’s campus. As an undergraduate he has carried out both theoretical and practical studies in the field. Last fall Scully organized and led an anthropological experiment in which twelve students attempted to addict themselves to Warhammer Online. While playing, the 'warjammers' carried out and recorded in-game “peace protests” and successfully promoted alternative play options to gamers on their server (see Brendan has written several academic papers that tie together high philosophy, futurist predictions and play theory into an new understanding of the human experience as what he calls an "architectured play space," or more simply, a game. Brendan's practical studies have earned him 3D modeling abilities with which he recently helped design a fully playable digital game titled "Dim: The Slow Firefly” with noeye, a small group of student game designers at Dartmouth. Brendan plans to spent his summer bartending in New York and producing works in augmented reality using the FLARtoolkit. These works will be presented at the International Symposium for Augmented and Mixed Reality this October in Orlando, Florida ( A conflicted MMORPG gamer in his youth, Scully dreams of creating more spiritually and physically beneficial simulated worlds while freeing digital play from its current ergonomic hardware limitations.

It's really just a matter of when.

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