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Currently the instructional technologist at Cuyahoga Community College East and an instructor of fully online English composition.

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I am the instructional technologist in the Academic Excellence Center at the Cuyahoga Community College Eastern Campus. I have a PhD in American Literature and previously directed a center for instructional technology at a small college from 2005-2008. My pedagogical interests are in emerging technologies, collaborative learning, hypertext and cognition, and visual rhetoric. I am especially interested in how the categories of gender and class influence the use of technology. A 2007 graduate of the Frye Leadership Institute, my practicum focused on a project to develop a Technology and Information Literacy Initiative.

Teaching Interests:
I was formally trained in English, twentieth-century American and working-class literature specifically, but I have mostly taught composition and Western Classics. I am interested in teaching visual rhetoric skills in composition courses. In literature, I am interested in developing students' ability to articulate the tenets of critical theory in reading literature.

I have been teaching fully online courses in English composition since 2009 and have a Quality Matters Certification.

Research Interests:
instructional technology, emerging technologies, Second Life, virtual worlds, distance learning, digital visual literacy, visual rhetoric, collaborative learning, working-class literature, American Modernism

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