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Hailing from Columbus, OH via Chicago, I am currently an MA student in Communications, Culture & Technology at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I am a digital strategist, filmmaker, and content producer interested in using new and traditional forms of media to create and strengthen communities and foster deeper connections between individuals.

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My main area of research involves how artists utilize meditation in their creative process. Increasingly, research is being done that shows relationships between meditative states and positive effects on creativity and personal growth. This is a technique that has historically been part of religious or faith traditions but is becoming more commonplace within a secular context. I am fascinated by how an ancient, contemplative practice such as meditation fits into our modern society. What is the pedagogy around meditation practice? How does solitude and introspection allow us to more fully engage with the dynamism of life? How can technology be used to enhance the practice? Or can it?

In addition to the traditional research involved in the thesis process, I will be creating a short documentary looking at young artists who make meditation a part of their daily practice. The documentary, titled The Art of Breathing, will be a meditation in itself, with stop-motion photography and visual motifs that will bring the viewer into a contemplative place. Having the HASTAC community to engage and collaborate with would be a huge resource for my burgeoning work.

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