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Bradley Barker, Associate Professor and Youth Development Specialist with Nebraska 4-H received
his Ph.D. in Administration, Curriculum, and Instruction in the area of Instructional Technology in 2002.
Dr. Barker spent eight years with Nebraska Educational Telecommunications where he was an Interactive
Media Producer. Dr. Barker has directed media productions for the CLASS project, the Nebraska
Law Enforcement Training Center, and the Nebraska National Guard. Dr. Barker has been the Principal
Investigator on two National Science Foundation Grants to develop the Nebraska 4-H Robotics and
GPS/GIS program and to scale-up the program to a national audience. Dr. Barker was also the PI on the
National 4-H Robotics: Engineering for Today and Tomorrow curriculum development grant for National
4-H Council and CSREES. Dr. Barker’s research interests include the development and evaluation
of educational technology systems for STEM education in non-formal learning environments.

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