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I, Adebayo Adebiyi hail from a native Yoruba town in western Nigeria and was born into a highly artistic and traditional family. I discovered my flair for the total Theatre (Dance therapist) arts early and decided to brave all odds to make a success of it thus transforming a natural talent into a highly skilled professional life form. I forayed into the deep recesses of the most influential performance and television association; Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP), National association of Nigeria theatre arts Practitioners. My relationship with the ANTP and NANTAP brought me from the stage art into the Nigerian motion picture caucuses where my arts moved to the popular television and home video media. Though, maintained my relationship with members of the associations. I quest for more than the ordinary pushed me into the academic theatre sphere which I kick started at the University of Ibadan theatre arts. Arriving for a Diploma in theatre arts certificate .I was opportune to learn from some of the best theatre teachers in Africa domiciled at the Uni-ibadan theatre. My tutors include Dr Hyginus Ekwuazi, A foremost film/media theorist and teacher. Dr Chukwuma okoye, A versatile choreographer, dancer, script writer, media theorist, Costume and Designer. Mr Yinka Smart Babalola, an experienced film/media producer, director and actor, Dr Soji Cole,a budding writer and dynamic scholar who is currently experimenting fresh tutoring strategies in theatre training and the late Ify Omalicha, poet, choreographer, dancer, singer, actor, teacher and art researcher, Doctor Remi Adedokun,a strong theatre management teacher, Doctor Bashir lasisi, Community theatre teacher.
The academic effervescence is clear in my work attitude which is pivoted on research and in-depth questioning of the sociological cum historical backdrop of each genre of performing arts. So it is difficult to determine whether I am Muslim, Christian or traditionalist as each of my works exhibited show a synthetic matrix of culture, religion, history and opinions in a contemporary capsule. I was endorsed by the Dance Guild of Nigeria, which I am one the stronger pillar members in Oyo state. Alliance Franci’ase Ibadan, Ministry of culture and tourism, department of theatre arts, university of Ibadan. I goes to extreme length to research and plan my exhibitions for extreme positive values as is evident in some of my works especially Oloju orogbo (The duel of two gods) – an artistic expose on the Sango myth of the Yoruba’s performance. This is also why the Nigerian government at different levels has also endorsed some of my works. I, Adebayo Adebayo can be comfortably described as a dancer, choreographer, singer, songwriter, percussionist, poet and researcher, Dance therapist and instructor Drum making; expressions which can be summarily fused into the term, a total performing artiste. I am the artistic Director of the zeal dance troupe.Nigeria.

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