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Writer, MEd Student Adult Education: e-Learning, Technology, Instructional Design & Social Media. Blogger, Curator, Quilter & Dissociative Identity Disordered

I would like to use new-found expertise in Adult Education: e-Learning, Technology, and Design to work with Multiples (Dissociative Identity Disorder - DID) in establishing online learning opportunities to discover more and better information about multiplicity for themselves and for interested others.

Specialties: I am a multiple "thought leader" learning through education about dissociation and we are interested in curating and developing knowledge networks through social media platforms.

Ann's Multiple World of Personality - Regular, No Cream No Sugar(Link)
November 2010
Journey of Quite Frankly Ann Ann M. Garvey, the author, writes a daily non-traumatizing journal about her day to day world as someone with multiple personality disorder. The story takes place between August, 2003 and August, 2004 as Ms. Garvey again restarts her full-time work responsibilities after a two-month hospitalization for depression and acting out suicide idealizations. Journalism/...more

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