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Meng Wei is currently a first-year M.A. Candidate in Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture & Technology program. She has a bachelors’ degree of Software Engineering received in Beijing, China. Now she is specialized in web designing and interactive application designing with experience of implementing websites and apps for college programs and student organizations. She has focused her interests on creating engaging, eye-catching designs with an emphasis on usability and web standards. She expects to help companies and non-profit organizations to build better communication bridges to reach their audiences.

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I am a second year graduate student from Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT) program with special interests in the convergence of art and technology – how new media technology is being used to serve art creation; and how does it affect people’s way of living. This semester I have special interests in studying the way to apply gamification design to non-game related campaigns. Besides school life I am a web designer who endeavors to be more like a “visionary” rather than a “technician” so I added a lot of interactive, gamified, and artistic elements to my web design. I’ve built two websites for my school departments and another one for a non-profit organization. Recently I am working on a wedding website and a couple of Flash games. I’m also keeping a blog to share my insights on future web design trends, as well as journals of my recent works to showcase the process of website developing. The latest article Gamification in Web Design has got 4748 hits so far.

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