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I am the Digital Scholarship Coordinator at the Claremont Colleges Library and recently completed my Ph.D. in History at Michigan State University. My dissertation explored the formation of settler colonies in the American Midwest and French Algeria to understand the processes by which these two colonies developed through an analysis of the relationships between the métropole, settlers, colonial administrators/military, and indigenous populations. I am also involved in several digital humanities (DH) projects. My larger DH interests include the geospatial visualization of historical events, online learning communities, and using and creating digital tools to foster scholarly collaboration and conversation. As a Cultural Heritage Informatics (CHI) fellow through MATRIX at MSU, I launched the first stage of a project entitled, Settler Colonialism Uncovered. I served as a Network Developer for H-Net, a full-time author for GradHacker, my own academic blog, Colonialism Through the Veil, and have written on various digital humanities topics for the CHI blog.

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