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I'm an associate professor in the Department of Educational Studies at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota. My research and teaching interests include student and teacher perspectives on race, gender and sexuality and issues of diversity and difference in educational institutions. Recently, I've been involved in two creative public scholarship projects: a co-written blog about identity, power, and privilege on college campuses and a podcast with three other academics of color about books.

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Full, Associate or Advanced Assistant Professor in Humanities and Technology at Carleton College, MN

November 6 2018 to December 8 2018
Jobs and Fellowships
Carleton College seeks to hire a Full, Associate or advanced Assistant Professor whose work focuses on the humanistic dimensions and implications of new and emerging technologies. We are looking for a candidate who is deeply grounded in the humanities and able to engage with scholars and students...
Carleton College
One N. College Street
United States
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