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Andrea Odiorne is a Public Projects Associate at the Center for History and New Media, where she is honing her Omekspertise. She recently completed her M.A. in U.S. History, with an emphasis on New Media, at George Mason University. Her research was on media history and the early non-fiction film field with a focus on collaborations between academics, educators, and antiquarians in the film production process and the conflicts concerning interpretive authority that resulted from these relationships.
Andrea has a background in television/documentary video production, which included work with public television outlets and promotional videos for non-profit organizations. Andrea’s current research interests include the relationship between academic and popular culture, media, gender, and the history of technology. She is currently sifting through possible digital dissertation topics, but has already chosen zotero as her dissertation advisor. Her ultimate goal is to produce non-linear, academically informed, popularly influenced, politically relevant, open access, historical exhibitions, which are mobile, and in 3-D.

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