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Anna Lauren Hoffmann a trans woman and scholar working at the intersections of information, technology, culture, and ethics. Her research considers the ways in which the design and use of information technology can promote or hinder the pursuit of social justice. In particular, I am interested in how the standards and categories imposed on the world by informational and technological systems can discriminate by supporting the development of self-respect for some and hindering its development for others. In addition, she employs discourse analysis to explore the values and biases that underwrite understandings of technology, privacy, and ethics as promoted by various stakeholders.

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CfP: Workshop on Challenges and Futures for Ethical Social Media Research

May 17 2016 to May 20 2016
Call for Papers
Overview: Social media and user-generated content platforms have opened up new possibilities for communication and creativity while also providing huge amounts of information about people and their online behavior. The evolution of technology and research methods presents ongoing ethical challenges...
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