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Anjelica M. Enaje (she/her) is a second-generation Filipina American, born, raised, and still residing in New York. She is currently enrolled in the M.A. in Biography & Memoir program at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Her thesis project is a memoir/literary criticism and analysis of the Maria Clara archetype, drawing from Jose Rizal's 1887 novel, Noli Me Tangere.

She graduated from Hunter College, CUNY in 2015; her undergraduate studies included: Sociology, English/Creative Writing, and Asian American Studies.

Her academic interests include: post-colonial theory and literature, decolonization, women's studies, Filipino studies, ethnography, dramaturgy, and cultural studies.

Her research focuses on Filipinx narratives, particularly on the lived experiences of Filipino women. She was a cast member of the 2016 production of Raised Pinay, and was featured on the podcast show, The Filipino American Woman Project in 2019.

Ms. Enaje is currently developing a praxis on "decolonizing memoir writing" that draws from and is inspired by her experiences as a Filipino woman in the United States and the stories and research by Filipinx writers, scholars, and academics.

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