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I am a PhD student in the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) Department of the Classics and Program in Medieval Studies. I'm spending the academic year 2008-2009 at the University of Bristol (UK).

My interests span the classical, late antique, and early medieval periods. I have a special love for Latin palaeography, textual criticism, and the transmission of texts from the classical period to modernity. Other fields of interest include historiography and the history of mathematics & natural philosophy (especially early meteorology).

Currently, I'm in the middle of several projects, including an argument for 6th-century authorship of the Vita Apollinaris Valentiniensis (Life of St. Apollinaris of Valence) and a critical edition of an unedited 12th-century encyclopaedic chronicle. I am also working on a paper comparing physical characteristics in Greco-Roman personifications of (divine) Rumor with portrayals of angels in Jewish & Christian texts.

My digital interests include the digitization & accessibility of premodern manuscripts, as well as website/graphic design and online instruction. I am always interested in the development of new technologies for textual research.

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