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Hailing from suburban Atlanta, I earned a bachelor's degree in English from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, and I plan to pursue an M.S. in Digital Media at Georgia Tech this coming fall.

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As an undergraduate at a women’s liberal arts college in Georgia, I plan to analyze a wide variety of topics in digital humanities, including multi-modal composition, experimental media, digital aesthetics, and the effects of the sociopolitical divide in the American South. Upon finishing my undergraduate career with a B.A. in English in Fall 2017, I intend to continue my education by applying to graduate programs in digital media. I believe that the opportunities the HASTAC scholarship provides will act as a gateway during this time of transition, allowing me to explore the aforementioned topics and beyond. During the next two years, I will pursue research projects related to these topics both in my undergraduate coursework and through HASTAC blog posts. Ultimately, I wish to connect with other academics involved in HASTAC in order to learn about new career prospects and graduate programs in this emerging discipline.

As a student at Wesleyan College, I have held jobs as a tutor in the school's Chemistry Department, as well as in the on-campus Writing Center. I also served as editor of Fiction and Nonfiction for the Wesleyan Literary Journal from September 2014 to May 2017. Awards and honors I have received as an undergraduate include the Munroe Math & Science Scholarship, the Leslie Q. Freeman Chemistry Scholarship, the Ida C. Nottingham English Scholarship, and first-place in the college's prestigious Beckelheimer Essay Contest.

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