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A 3rd year media studies PhD student and Vanier Scholar at York University in Toronto, Alison plays with story across the fields of theatre, digital media and education. After starting her career as an intern at Marvel Comics, she joined science fiction author Douglas Adams’s company The Digital Village, producing one of the first ever web-based alternate reality games for Starship Titanic. She initiated one of the earliest transmedia in-fiction blogs in a TV series, and co-wrote and directed two interactive, live-animated sci-fi theatre projects: Faster than Night (Toronto) and The Augmentalist (Silicon Valley). Her research-creation dissertation is titled "Participatory Culture, Political Chorus: Empowering youth civic engagement and public health problem-solving by reinventing the ancient Greek chorus for the internet age." This science-fiction transmedia storyworld imagining the emergence of the new pandemic pathogen “shadowpox”, immerses theatre students on four continents in the development of an experimental vaccine, using motion-tracked projected digital effects, and video journals uploaded to the International Shadowpox Research Network (

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