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I'm an assistant professor of English at Arizona State University in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Literacies program. I study how people use language in the contexts of social media, videogames, and digital cultures.

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I'm an assistant professor of English at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. I am a member of the Rhetoric and Composition faculty and teach courses on digital literacies, social media, videogame studies and digital ethnography. Primarily I research how people write and learn to write with and around social media. I'm currently working on a collection of articles that attempt to document and theorize new literacy and genre practices that are being enacted across social media applications and contexts. I am attempting to trace these practices across ecosystems in order to better understand how and why language changes on the internet in the interesting ways that it does.

In addition to my work in English, I often work in the areas of education and media studies. I was a postdoctoral fellow in Comparative Media Studies at MIT from 2006-2008. While at MIT I worked with Henry Jenkins on the New Media Literacies project and taught courses on videogame studies.

Prior to MIT I was a PhD student at Wisconsin-Madison, where I worked in both English and Education. I worked with Jim Gee, Betty Hayes, Katie Clinton, Rebecca Black, Kurt Squire, and Constance Steinkuehler. Together we formed the Games, Learning and Society research group and GLS Conference. Jim Gee and David Fleming co-directed my dissertation on game designers' writing processes.

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