Ai Miller

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An undergraduate student at Knox College, majoring in History with a minor in American Studies, Ai prefers zie/hir pronouns, but will respond to they/them. Ai is interested in using technology to promote and explore accessibility within academia, as well as finding new ways to get students interested in history and be able to find themselves in that history.

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An agender undergraduate who uses zie/hir pronouns, Ai is a history major and American studies minor at Knox College, with a life-long love for Abraham Lincoln and antebellum American history through the Civil War. Zie satisfies that interest with work as the research assistant for the Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College. Ai's primary interests as a student of history are split, struggling between the aforementioned interest in the antebellum era (and especially in masculinity in the antebellum era) and a very personal connection to queer histories, especially history involving transgender people. Ai views history as a tool to provide identity on several different social levels, and is driven in hir research to construct a history for hirself and others in underrepresented groups, while taking the time to explore how those identities have been shaped across time. A Midwesterner at hir very core, Ai splits hir time between hir hometown in northwest Ohio and school in western Illinois. Other interests include American conceptions of nature, creating symbolism through popular culture, anything and everything related to Captain America, deeply platonic relationships, and methods of teaching history.