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I have an MLS from Pratt in NYC. My last full-time position was as Associate Curator of Visual Resources (image database administrator and imaging specialist) at Rice University in the Art History Department.  While at Rice I  mapped, reformatted and transferred Rice's 50k+ collection of images and metadata from MDID2 to ARTstor's Shared Shelf hosting service. I have exceptional software skills including Photoshop, which I utilize in my own GIS projects, which utilize KML and Google Earth Pro(I have only taken a few courses on ESRI's ArcGIS software but am considering getting Certification in that). For severa years I've been exploring Geospatial projects with a focus on Digital Humanities and history, and have kept a WordPress blog documenting it (  My position at Rice was eliminated in 2016, with the responsibilities being taken over by Fondren Library's existing Digital Scholarship team.  I also managed the image, metadata and database management of the first two years of the Imagine Rio Project.  I have exceptional software skills and would love to work with digital projects in libraries, archives or museums.

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