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My research interests are primarily surrounding the anthropology and philosophy of biology and the ecological sciences, cartography, postcolonial and feminist STS, and environmental and medical humanities. I am especially interested in perspectives on STS from Southeast Asia and Latin America and the role of science and technology in the establishment of empires, socioeconomic development, technoscientific imaginaries and political self-determination. I have a background in chemical engineering and environmental cultural studies and have conducted research on the significance of patient narratives in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. I have worked in mining consulting for projects in Saskatchewan, Panama and Turkey and interned at the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics at the United Nations Environment Program in Paris, France. I served as a science writer and editor for Technology and Engineering of the Canadian science communication platform Science Borealis and I'm currently a reviewer for the York University-based student-run peer-reviewed journal of interdisciplinary environmental studies, Undercurrents.

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