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NOTICE OF VACANCY CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Web and Interactive Design and Development DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND CULTURE PROGRAM Position Summary The Digital Technology and Culture program at Washington State University in Pullman—the flagship campus of a Carnegie RU/VH university—invites...
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From the Desk of HASTAC's Drupal Webmaster & Online Community strategist.

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From the Desk of Demos Orphanides

I'm the Drupal Webmaster & Online Community Strategist here at HASTAC and the Digital Media and Learning Competition Winner's hub. This is a Collection of some of my posts that have appeared on HASTAC. Here you can find some of my musing and ramblings, primarily about the things I do for and at work. Mainly I write about: how we interact and engage as a community, the design and architecture of our site, newly added and upcoming features, and my random thoughts on web-related things in general.