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Symposium: Centering Art History & Visual Culture in the Digital Humanities

October 17 2019 to October 18 2019
A Symposium Celebrating 10 Years of the Wired! Lab at Duke University October 17-18, 2019 Duke University Over the past decade, the use of digital methods has exploded in the study of art history and visual culture. As with other areas of the digital humanities, art historians and visual culture...
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GIS Specialist at Northeastern University Libraries (2-year pilot position)

March 23 2015
Jobs and Fellowships
GIS Specialist (2 Year Pilot Position) We are : The Northeastern University Library, an evolving research library with an ambitious vision to expand our digital initiatives and redefine library service in the 21 st century through strong partnerships across campus, expanded collaboration in the...
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Introducing the Digital Atlas of American Religion

Press Release from the IUPUI newsroom (


Polis Center at IUPUI launches nontraditional GIS website for study of religion in America

April 22, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS -- A new digital tool developed by The Polis Center and two co-collaborators uses advanced geographic information systems technology to aid the study and teaching of American religious history.