Papers on Video in the Theatre for Theatre and Performance Design Journal

February 1 2017
Call for Papers
Theatre and Performance Design, is seeking submissions on the subject of video in the theatre for the Fall 2017 issue (Volume 3, No. 3). The presence of projected moving images in live theatrical performance dates back at least to the work of Erwin Piscator in the 1920s. Video technology became...

Theatre and the Museum/Cultures of Display

January 15 2017
Call for Papers
Special issue, Theatre Journal , September 2017 Histories of presentation and representation naturally align theatres and museums as cultural spaces of display. As museum studies continues to grow as a discipline, these ongoing connections between theatre and museums continue to demand further...

Theatre, Performance and Visual Images

February 28 2017
Call for Papers
Special Issue, Theatre Journal , December 2017 The act of seeing remains powerful in discourses of theatre and performance but how images assist in creating, recording, and describing performance continues to be contested. This special issue explores the use—and potential misuse—of images in...