COVID-19: Resources and Reflections for Teachers and Learners

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COVID-19: Resources and Reflections for Teachers and Learners

This is a crucial moment to begin preparing mentally and logistically for the possibilities that may unfold in higher education in the fall. Given HASTAC's long history in critical digital pedagogy and online engagement, we are using this time to compile and share resources that may help others in any of the possible fall scenarios. We will add to this collection in the days and weeks ahead.

Above all, please be kind with yourselves and with others. We are all experiencing the trauma of a global pandemic. Many of us are also experiencing the differential burdens created by racism, classicism, ableism, sexism and more. We at HASTAC are committed to collectively working to find the best ways to teach responsibly in this present and to craft futures we want to inhabit.

The Art of Being Inhuman in the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

April 15 2021 to April 16 2021
Call for Papers
The global novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has transformed the world as we know it, seemingly overnight. Every passing day bears witness to the best and the worst of humankind as we grapple with not only the health crisis, but also its reverberating impacts on every facet of society. We have...