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Exploring Technology in Many Dimensions

Both high schools and community college are offering students the opportunity to earn industry credential and certificates that are valuable in the marketplace. Here at the Alliance, we’re interested in anything that improves the life chances for students, especially low-income students, who are so often less likely to go to college and have a chance at good jobs that allow financial growth.

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Crowdsourcing Improved Convo About Badges

The Open Badges concept is meant to be bottom-up, peer-to-peer, and aimed at making assessment and recognition a lot more transparent, social and participatory.” Here’s another key: When a network or organization decides that current systems of recognizing contribution are not fulfilling the needs of the people who make up that network or organization, a badge system is open, unfixed, flexible, and modifiable and can be peer-constructed as an exercise to engage all an institution’s members in thinking about what it wants to credit and why.

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Mozilla's Open Badges Offer Ways for You to Showcase Your Skills

If you're a tech-savvy person who has spent time around other tech-savvy people in a workplace or development environment, you're probably either familiar with "constant learners" who are always adding to their tech-focused accomplishments, or you are one yourself. Many techies complete coursework on the side, obtain certification after certification, and display an unwavering effort to keep learning. Mozilla has now opened up its Open Badges Infrastructure project, which allows constant tech learners to showcase their skills and achievements.

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Badges for Lifelong Learning: Join the Conversation

Now. I realize that I am coming from a different vantage point in this than most. I have been thinking about badges, talking about badges, designing badges, critiquing badge systems, building the badge infrastructure, etc. So I’m a little close to all of this. Some may argue that makes me blind to some of the concerns raised in the blogosphere and twit-o-sphere (?) after the event, but I would actually say it makes me more tuned into them. And appreciate them even more.