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Creating a virtual machine in VirtualBox

         The link below leads to a youtube video which gives you a visual walkthrough on how to create your own virtual machine in VirtualBox. Step by step the video will show the viewer how to create a new virtual machine, select a disc image to boot from and then properly install the os. 

Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities: New Models of Access, Governance, and Sustainability

March 24 2015
Through the economic and structural reconfiguration made possible by the Internet, the potential for new modes of publishing scholarship have emerged. However, there has also been much alarm in the humanities disciplines, in particular, at the proposed changes to economic models that could...
411 Chapel DriveDuke University
Durham, NC 27708
United States

Digital Humanities in Belgium: Call for Papers DHBenelux 2015

June 7 2015 to June 8 2015
I am very pleased to announce a DH-conference all the way in lovely Antwerp this coming Spring (8 and 9 June). Although the conference is established to illustrate the diversity of DH-practices in the Benelux (which stands for BElgium, NEtherlands, and LUXemburg), we warmly welcome participants...
United States

Digital Sociology Mini-conference, part of The Eastern Sociological Society

February 27 2015 to February 28 2015
In keeping with the Eastern Sociological Society’s theme of “Crossing Borders”, the Digital Sociology Mini-Conference will address the many borders crossed – national, disciplinary, theoretical, methodological, epistemological – in digital ways of knowing. We maintain that the field of sociology...
145 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
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