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History: Week 1
Week 1: Guiding Principles and Driving Concepts Quiz 

Attempt Quiz 

Hard Deadline
Mon 10 Feb 2014 7:00 AM PST
If you submit any time after the hard deadline, you will not receive credit.

Effective Score 
Each time that you attempt it, we'll record a score based on your performance and any penalties due to late submissions. Your effective score will be the highest score of all the allowed attempts made before the hard deadline. 

Page / Teaching & Learning Practices

Supplementary Readings

Assigned readings are listed in the syllabus under each week. The list of “readings”--articles, blog posts, websites, videos, and other resources--below are suggested for additional readings for each week or specific topics. Most of these readings are available for free online, and many of the texts have also been made available on a collaborative annotation tool, 

Page / Teaching & Learning Practices

Press & Blogs about our MOOC

The FutureEd team has been collecting some positive press and blogs about this FutureEd MOOC, and we wanted to share the following articles and stories.This is not required reading.