Persons and Sexualities

Persons and Sexualities

July 10 2016 to July 12 2016
Call for Papers
Persons and Sexualities Call for Participation 2016 A Sexuality Project 9th Global Meeting Sunday 10th July – Tuesday 12th July 2016 Mansfield College, Oxford The project seeks to develop a space for discussion and debate about the interplay of identities, orientations, desires, pleasures, taboos,...
United Kingdom

Gender & Geography Bibliography Hackathon

November 16 2015 to November 22 2015
I wanted to share the details for the international Gender & Geography Bibliography Hackathon, which will take place on Monday, November 16th through Sunday, November 22nd, during Geography Awareness Week. For the last five years, a team about 22 women from around the world to move the original...
Queer(ing) Critical Issues 1st Global Meeting

Queer(ing) Critical Issues 1st Global Meeting

May 2 2016 to May 4 2016
Call for Papers
Queer(ing) Critical Issues 1st Global Meeting Call for Participation 2016 Monday 2nd May – Wednesday 4th May 2016 Prague, Czech Republic As a framework for thinking about and understanding the issues that inform daily life, queer theory offers a useful basis for questioning ‘conventional wisdom’...
Czech Republic