What We Learned from bell hooks

What We Learned from bell hooks

December 16 2021 to December 31 2021
It is hard to believe that bell hooks is no longer with us - not just because of her sudden passing but also because her ideas are so revolutionary, transformative, and... alive! that it feels like she is still very much here, and will hopefully stay with us forever. This live Google document was...
“Diversity and Equity in Digital History: A Seminar and Conversation” with Dr. Tamar Carroll (RIT) and Dr. Averill Earls (Mercyhurst University)

“Diversity and Equity in Digital History: A Seminar and Conversation”

September 20 2019
Organizer : Daniel Gorman Jr., History Ph.D. Candidate, University of Rochester. Cosponsors : Dept. of History, River Campus Libraries, and Digital Media Studies Program, in conjunction with the HASTAC Scholars Program. HASTAC — Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory...
University of Rochester Humanities Center
755 Library Road
Rochester, NY 14627
United States
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Different Games Conference 2018

October 12 2018 to October 14 2018
Announcing the 2018 Edition of Different Games Conference, a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in games! Different Games Collective announces it's new partnership with the Interactive Media & Game Development program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in organizing the 2018 edition of...
100 Institute Road
Fuller Laboratories
Worcester, MA 01609
United States

2017 Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop Virtual Keynote Speaker Workshops

June 15 2017
The 2017 Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop (FSDW) is proud to host keynote speaker, Dr. Erin Frost, Assistant Professor in the Department of English at East Carolina University. Dr. Erin Frost's workshop, Feminist Credibility: Negotiating Subjectivity in Public Spaces , will examine the ways women...