the methodology that Your Excellency has strived to apply , is actually a bit too Algebraic.The calculus  U  hav aplied does not take into consideration wave state spaces either for volcanoes or for quakes.It simply doesn't heed the Spatio_Temporality of types of strange attractors that ar very clearly  @ work in such matters.Multiplicities of such Intensities ar objectifying themselves @ epi_centres.I very humbly declare to you (merely as your aprentice) that integrals & derivations based most  "locally" .

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Bitmark Digital Environmentalism internship

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Internship: Digital Environmentalism & Business Strategist Reports to: CEO Date: April 2016 Location: Taipei, Taiwan Bitmark Inc. is the original author and primary sponsor of the Bitmark project – a blockchain-based ownership system to convert personal data into property. We believe that the...