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Badges for Learning Research

What is the current state of research on recognition and accreditation systems for informal and interest-driven learning? In the Badges for Learning Research Collection, we explore some of the opportunities provided by employing badges and other assessment systems in learning communities, some of the dangers, and consider the pressing research questions that need to be addressed.

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Badges are Made of People: The Social Psychological Motivations of Badges with Judd Antin

During this webinar, we featured Judd Antin, a social psychologist and User Experience Researcher at Facebook. His expertise is in motivation and incentives for online collaboration and participation in social media. Judd has also done extensive research on trust and privacy online, and more recently has focused on understanding the power and pitfalls of gamification. Prior to his move to Facebook in May 2012, Judd was a Research Scientist in the Internet Experiences Research Group at Yahoo! Research.