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International Day of Badges

International Day of Badges

November 17 2015
Big news! Tuesday, November 17th is International Day of Badges thanks to the Open Badges in Higher Education team. Join three synchronous events featuring badge projects in Europe, North America, and Australia. Featured speakers will give a short presentation and then be available for questions...
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From the desk of the director of alternative & micro-credential research for HASTAC.

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From the Desk of Sheryl Grant

I'm the Director of Social Networking for the Digital Media and Learning Competition (since 2008), and Director of Alternative and Micro-Credential Research for HASTAC (since 2013). I'm currently a Phd candidate at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science, where my research focuses on value-driven design, digital badge and reputation systems, and technology-mediated social participation in learning contexts.