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What Data Can't Do- New York Times article

The article "What Data Can't Do" by David Brooks is from the New York Times online

"Not long ago, I was at a dinner with the chief executive of a large bank. He had just had to decide whether to pull out of Italy, given the weak economy and the prospect of a future euro crisis.

The C.E.O. had his economists project out a series of downside scenarios and calculate what they would mean for his company. But, in the end, he made his decision on the basis of values.

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The 'Big Data' Revolution: How Number Crunchers Can Predict Our Lives

Article and audio interview from KUNC 91.5 Community Radio for Northern Colorado

"When the streaming video service Netflix decided to begin producing its own TV content, it chose House of Cards as its first big project. Based on a BBC series, the show stars Kevin Spacey and is directed by David Fincher, and it has quickly become the most watched series ever on Netflix.

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CI-BER Blogspot page

CyberInfrastructure for Billions of Electronic Records Blogspot site

Blogs are written by:

Richard Marciano leads the CI-BER project at UNC. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Iowa and a Postdoc in Computational Geography.  He is a Professor in the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Crowd-Sourcing Scoping Study

This is a link to a PDF of the Crowd-Sourcing Scoping Study: Engaging the Crowd with Humanities Research by Stuart Dunn and Mark Hedges from the Centre for e-Research, Department of Digital Humanities King’s College London. The article by Mr. Dunn and Mr. Hedges is an excellent resource for those interested in starting a crowdsourcing project and highlights various research methods, ethical crowdsourcing and includes a list of crowdsourced projects and links to other articles about crowdsourcing.

Link to the PDF:

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Community Corner – December 2012 on Urban News

This is an article by Priscilla Ndiaye, Chair of the Southside Advocacy Community Advisory Board, about the changes happening in Asheville's communities. It was published in Urban News on December 14, 2012. Her article is a call for community members to be involved in the changes happening in the Rivers Arts District in Asheville. Ms. Ndiaye says,

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Andrea Clark’s East Riverside Urban Renewal Images

This is a link to an announcement on Pollinate Asheville: Community News brought to you by from January 25, 2010 about Andrea Clark’s East Riverside Urban Renewal Images being on display at UNC-A. They were previously exhibited at Pack Library in Asheville.  Here’s more information from that exhibition.

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The State of Black Asheville

This article, "The State of Black Asheville", was published on Urban News on October 12, 2011.

"Members of the Asheville community assembled in Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church to hear some long-awaited news regarding the statistics released by the Census Bureau. Drs. Dwight and Dollie Mullen, both political science professors at UNC Asheville, gave a detailed account of the statistical information and about rising poverty rate in our community. The news was anticipated, although not unexpected.