From the Desk of Sheryl Grant

From the desk of the director of alternative & micro-credential research for HASTAC.

I'm the Director of Social Networking for the Digital Media and Learning Competition (since 2008), and Director of Alternative and Micro-Credential Research for HASTAC (since 2013). I'm currently a Phd candidate at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science, where my research focuses on value-driven design, digital badge and reputation systems, and technology-mediated social participation in learning contexts. You can read more about my research in my recent book, What Counts as Learning: Open Badges for New Opportunities, which is a synthesis of lessons learned from the first year of badge system design across 30 projects. In this HASTAC Staff Collection I also focus on that topic, presenting selected writing alternative and micro-Credentials / digital badges, and Connected Learning.

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