On April 26th, the second scheduled day of the conference, HASTAC 2013 will help launch Sensorium: Digital Arts and Technology Research at York University. Sensorium is an ambitious new research cluster at York University, supporting cross-disciplinary work in application and content creation, artistic and scientific inquiry, policy development and critical discourse in digital media. Integrating both digital technologies and human factors, areas of specialization within Sensorium include: 3D cinema, rapid prototyping data visualization, locative media, virtual and immersive environments, interface and interaction design, artificial intelligence, technologically-mediated performance, physical computing and networked media architecture.

The impact of digital technologies on the creative knowledge industries is a central research axis. Sensorium will serve as a catalyst for new ideas and experimentation linking existing labs in the Faculty of Fine Arts, fostering collaborative research, and encouraging community and industry partnerships.

The launch event at HASTAC 2013 will be comprised of a keynote address by Paolo Antonelli from the Museum of Modern Art, a curated digital media exhibition  and a reception and represents a significant opportunity to share this new York University research initiative with global leaders in digital arts and technology attending the conference.