Tau Divinity University

Tau Divinity University

Tau Divinity University (TDU) - Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy, is a global online university institution in Spanish for theology and biblical studies, incorporated in the State of Florida, United States, which has met the requirements of state law under Section 1005.06 (1) (F), Florida Statutes as determined by the Florida Independent Education Commission. This allows Tau Divinity University, to teach theological and biblical studies, and to award the following Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD and doctorate degrees in Education, in the categories of Ministry, Counseling, Theology, Education, Administration, Fine Arts, Media Communication, or Social Work in religious matters. The religious theme is shown on the degree certificate: 

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AA (Associate Degree) in Arts and Sciences: It is a degree equivalent to two years of studies, previous to the level of Bachelor (Bachelor)
BA (Bachelor): Undergraduate / Bachelor of Arts
BS (Bachelor): Undergraduate / Bachelor of Science
MA (Masters degree): Master's or postgraduate studies in Arts
MSc (Masters degree): Master's Degree or postgraduate studies in Science
PhD (Doctor of Philosophy); And Doctor of Education: degrees that include various areas of studies

Minister / Director: Dr. Jesús R. Rivas, PhD; EdD & O.M. 

Our authorization to grant degrees is renewed annually by the law of the State of Florida, United States. Commission For Independent Education More info click here.

TDU educates its students either in preparation for leadership, social service, public service, in expanding the spiritual boundaries of their students, or for the practice of a religious ministry or other vocation of public or social service (Ministry, Counseling, Theology, Education, Administration, Music, Fine Arts, Media and / or Social Work). TDU promotes scholarship, critical thinking, public and private service, missionary, social, ministry and academic optimization.

TDU's professors, researchers and counselors are qualified educators in religious practice, faith, specialties that we partake in, and distance learning university teaching. TDU students research and learn about diverse traditions and reflect an equally broad spectrum of academic, background, age, sex, nationalities, cultures, religions, and career and life goals.

Curricula do not include some common courses of traditional undergraduate programs. This allows TDU to focus primarily on issues directly related to the theological and religious focus, reflecting an equally broad spectrum of interest in studies and background.

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